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Kate goes to the shops!

I went shopping at lunch time!

I bought a new pair of cords, because I'd like to spend all winter wearing cords. There's something about cords that really rings my bell.  I think it's the combination of the fact that they look good and they are also comfortable and warm.  Comfort means a lot to me, as does warmth, and I won't lie, I'm quite vain. So cords it is! I nearly bought new jeans too but decided against them because of the annoying gapey bit at the back. I realised that I could easily find better fitting jeans if I was so inclined. I did buy a stripy slouchy sexy jumper though, and I'm looking forward to wearing that with my new cords tomorrow. All in all, a successful lunch break for Kate!

My boss is at the little photocopier next to my desk and I think something is going wrong, because she just said, and I quote,

"Arseholes. Fuck. Shit. Piss."

That's not office talk! That's the sort of thing people say in PRISON! I feel a lot less innocent now than I did this morning.

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