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slash sexuality: a poll

I need new Suits icons. I only have 29 and they're all from season 1. *stares at fandom*

I personally find it odd when characters who are heterosexual in canon are made gay in slash fic. Not so much in AUs but if the story is set in the canonical universe then disregarding a character's attraction to the opposite sex makes it that much more difficult for me to suspend my disbelief. So my preference is for bisexuality given that canon can never refute that reading of the characters (plus I love men who love women). Obviously if the story is good we won't give too much of a shit, but I'm curious if you guys have a preference. So here's a poll!

In slash fic I prefer one or both of the (straight in canon) protagonists to be

Wngwjleo (We're Not Gay, We Just Love Each Other)
I'd rather sexual orientation weren't mentioned
I have no preference
Other (I will explain in comments)

In other exciting news, Mel is blowing my mind with her new story and you guys are gonna love it and and and
barfing rainbows

I will also be posting the next story in the Five Hotel series at some point in the near future. Woot! I've thought/stressed endlessly about this and have basically decided to only post the story to LJ, just for my own sanity. That said, I am well aware this is not ideal, nor is it convenient for most readers these days. So trial basis! I'll give it a go for this one, to see if it makes the fic posting experience more pleasurable/less traumatic, and then I'll review the decision at a later date. :)
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