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What do you mean, "work"?

Do you guys want to know what I get up to while I'm at work?!

It's great really. I have intellectual conversations with toadstoolsmiles , like so:

Kate: MR is hot.
Becky: he really is
Kate: He's totally hot.
Becky: totally
Kate: He's completely hot.
Becky: For sure

Kate: He's almost TOO hot.
Becky: He is.

Kate: I think I'll post that conversation.

Becky: we're so deep

Kate: We're really deep.

Kate: People need to know how deep we are.

Becky: They'd be amazed by our depth.  They may drown

Kate: We could kill people with deepness.

Becky: They'd be all 'dude, I wish I was as deep as Becky and Kate' *jealous*

Kate: And we'd be all, you couldn't *handle* being this deep. You'd be all, wah, I'm in too deep.

Becky: It's almost an art form really,  being this deep.

Kate: Exactly. You're like the Michealangelo of deep. And I'm Leonardo.

Kate: You know, the ninja turtles.

Becky: Totally, you're so deep.  I'm in awe of your depth.  One day, I hope to be as deep as you.

Kate: One day you will be if you keep this up. You're already pretty deep.

Becky: At least I can get personal advice from the master.  You are depth, personified.

Kate: Look it up in the dictionary. There's a photo of me.

Becky: You know what 'deep' sounds like?  Depp.   He is totally hot.

Kate: Yeah, Depp's hot.

Kate: So is MR.

Becky: They're completley hot.

Kate: They are. Almost TOO hot.

Becky: For sure.

Kate: For sure.

Becky: Totally

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