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Clearly I need a Lamarr tag

Ha! My obsessive stalking of Mark Lamarr has finally paid off. He is on BBC Radio 6 (Kirsty's favourite radio station, soon to be my favourite) this Wednesday and Thursday with "The Buzzcocks Story". Sweet. I know nothing about The Buzzcocks but if anyone can teach me to like a band I'm sure Mark can. I plan to listen to both shows live even though they are on at midnight, and if they are good I will let you know, even though none of you care.

There are many reasons to love him - his 17 series reign as the host of Never Mind the Buzzcocks notwithstanding - but particularly impressive is the following clip from early 1990s Variety Show The Word, wherein Mark single-handedly destroys the career of revolting, homophobic dancehall artist Shabba Ranks, by angrily calling him out on his belief that gay men "deserve crucifixion":


I was so pleased to finally track down that clip as it's been removed from youtube by C4. He is so awesome. I guess soon I will have to stop watching NMTB all the time and catch up on other television that I used to be interested in. But not yet.
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