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A 25 year old woman I work with is too embarrassed to buy her own tampons so her mother buys them for her and if that's not the creepiest thing you've heard today I'll give you a penny.

No more classes for AGES. This means that I will spend the weekend in front of the television and I will be doing no academic reading at all. I am excited about this and am also annoyed that it's not 5pm yet.

Do we have any thoughts about the Pretty Little Liars finale?

I had a life changing bra-related experience today. This is bad right but I've never been properly fitted before. Until today, when I found out that I've been wearing the wrong size bra for years. I always thought I was a 34C, but that's because I wore it on the tightest setting, when you're supposed to wear it on the loosest. How did I not know this! And then she goes, "I'm going to give you a 32D," to which I responded, "That can't be right, I have small boobs." And she said it has nothing to do with that, made me try on a bunch of 32D bras and she was right, they fit me perfectly! I'm officially a D cup. Which, weirdly, isn't any different from a C cup as far as I can tell.

I've started to kind of hate Adele. Maybe if the radio stopped incessantly playing her depressing music I wouldn't want her to kill herself so much.
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