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I'm crying. I'm actually sitting at my desk at work, crying. I can't properly express how much Stephanie Zacharek means to me and I'm sure a lot of you probably find it weird that I fangirl a film writer, but she is actually the only person I've ever sent a fan letter to. I've followed her religiously for the past ten years and I sincerely believe she is the best film critic in the world: not only is she passionate and knowledgeable about film, she's a marvellous, eloquent and witty writer. I care about her work more than I do any actor. If I watch a film and find out that she didn't review it I am bitterly disappointed. I only hope she moves somewhere worthy of her brilliance so I can keep reading her at least once a week.

I'm heartened to see the many comments on her post reflecting my own response to this sad news - she so often gets flamed by assholes who don't seem to understand the job of a film critic, but reading the comments makes me realise that a significant number of her readers adore her as much as I do.
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