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Dark Angel!

  • It was on sale for £20, for one.
  • I saw 7 episodes of it on tv not long ago and was quite taken with it, for a number of reasons:
  • I like shows about beautiful girls who kick a lot of ass (see Buffy and Alias), and Jessica Alba is such a babe. Those *lips*. My inner lesbian is waving at you, Jess.
  • More importantly, I like shows that make me horny, and Michael Weatherley is a handsome, sexy, *amazing* actor. Obviously, he's a lot better than the material, but his chemistry with Alba is genuine and their relationship kept me interested in the show up until a few episodes ago, when the writers seemed to lose the ability to keep it buoyant. Annoyingly. Because the sexual chemistry between them is that rare and wonderful thing few shows can claim to contain. That thing that keeps people watching even when everything else has gone to the dogs.
  • An appealing (criminally underused) supporting cast, with the exception of John Savage who plays Lydecker, who I just dislike. Personal taste and all, but I prefer my villains to be charming and charismatic.
  • A truly great idea, set in an interesting and believable futuristic dystopia.

But I'm starting to notice more and more how much the show sucks. It's all over the fucking place. Story arcs are set up and resolved too quickly, characters come and go (what the hell happened to Kendra?) and character development is mostly non existent. It doesn't flow, lacks focus, something. Like, they obviously decided it would be better not to have Max and Logan get together. So, what? Just ignore all of the progress that was made within their relationship and leave it in a weirdly static condition, which is (a) dull and (b) totally unrealistic? They were very much heading towards at least some serious making out, and then suddenly. Nothing. Tension gone. This upsets me. I'm not even turned on by them anymore which is an amazing feat of incompetence by the writers. No wonder it only lasted two seasons - I'm considering *not* buying S2.

Today I learned about cut tags. *nods with satisfaction*

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