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True Blood, 2.09: I Will Rise Up; 2.10: New World In My View

I'm catching up slowly on my television. I have lots to say about Weeds but no one cares about that, so I'll talk about True Blood instead.

True Blood, 2.09 and 2.10

Unlike a few people on my flist I am ecstatic about the Eric/Sookie development, because a) Sookie/Bill are boring and b) the way it happened has tapped into one of my pretty damn near bulletproof kinks: reluctant lust. Even better, it's forbidden, because Sookie is in a relationship and Eric is basically evil while Sookie is the hero. I love that Sookie hates Eric but because she sucked on his bloody wounds (LOL. Girl, you must have wanted to do that just a teensy bit. You barely protested!), she will now be - against her will, which is awesome - sexually attracted to him. Add a dash of obsession, a pinch of betrayal, a vat of naked Eric, and I'll be in my bunk. Oh my Lord that *dream*. The second dream was also quite good (but not as good) and I find it interesting that in Sookie's head Eric is much nicer than he is in reality.

Speaking of Eric, I love him best and wish to see many more sex scenes starring him. He has the perfect physique: tall, broad, muscular and lean, and he's easily the best looking blond man I've ever seen. Gimme. ASkars has amazing chemistry with everyone, and especially gay chemistry with Godric: when he sobbed tears of blood and begged Godric not to top himself I cried a wee bit, but I'm not too sorry to see Godric go because I couldn't take much more of the terrible acting. And besides, toothless, suicidal vamps are not particularly interesting. I think if the writers had let the character be a lot more badass I would have been able to forgive the weird accent. I felt that it would have been appropriate for Godric to kiss Eric goodbye.

I am still enjoying Maryann, who does evil the way it should be done: angst free and full of joy with the occasional burst of pure, controlled rage.

Lafayette has been wasted this season; a crying shame because he's amazing. Sam I'm enjoying much more now than I ever have. I kind of hope Jessica *does* kill Hoyt's mom, simply because Hoyt's mom has no redeeming features as far as I can tell.
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