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I have decided to ship Zac Efron with Megan Fox, even though some gossip I read recently suggested that poor Vanessa Hudgens is jealous of their "friendship".


Or maybe they can be my new ot3?


According to the internet their celebrity power name will be Megafron. Perfect.

A lot of Megan Fox fans really hate Brian Austin Green and wish she was with Shia Lebouf instead, which is weird to me because BAG is super hot and Shia is a dweeb.

Hot couple.

Beauty and the dork. (I love the dress Megan is wearing in this photo. You can't see all of it here but trust me it is amazing)

Not that it matters who Megan used to date because from now on we are going to be rooting for her budding relationship with the Zef.

Who's that other dude?

I believe they are making out here.

Plus quotes to support my position:

"I'm obsessed with him," she told a Page Six spy.

"What you don't know is that Zac and I are the same person. It's like Janet and Michael [Jackson], we are the same person."


During an interview for her new film 'Jennifer's Body', in which she plays a cheerleader who literally eats men, Megan revealed that in real life she'd love to take a bite out of 'High School Musical' hunk Zac Efron!

"I think he'd taste like a strawberry cupcake!" Fox said.

It's so on!


I haven't talked much about TV lately but I've been watching a ton of it. I've seen the Leverage Pilot (♥Aldis Hodge♥); the unaired Dollhouse pilot (far superior to the aired one) and the unaired 13th episode (not that good! It made me feel like I'd been horribly spoiled for the ending of the show); Hung (I can't get enough of Tanya, such a downtrodden, sweet-natured pimp, such an optimistic, weary loser); Weeds (funny); True Blood (I'm an episode behind now but I'm loving this season); and best of all, I'm halfway through season 3 of Rescue Me. Which I love more than anything. I can't believe I waited so long for this and rest assured once I'm done with it I'll be downloading the rest and catching up because it's amazing. I don't know when I started finding Dennis Leary sexy (I used to hate him) but there is something about him that does it for me now. The relentless sarcasm?


I'm off to New Zealand tomorrow! I have never needed a holiday so badly in my entire life. My health is not great at the moment: I have (seemingly) undiagnosable abdominal problems, which I am starting to suspect are stress related. I can't wait to see my mum and dad, and Kirsten, and I'm looking forward to David and Hannah's wedding, and my dad's 70th birthday, and sitting by the fire (it's winter there), and eating home grown veggies, and drinking gorgeous wine (in moderation, of course), and watching lots of movies, and relaxing. I'm going to miss Charlie terribly though.
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