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SV S5 Hidden

Smallville, I love you so, so, so, so much.

Okay, here's the thing. And this might bother some of you, but hell, I have to say it because it's true and I can't help myself and.

*deep breath*

I'm starting to.

Quite like Lana.

KK and TW will never have the sexy chemistry and you'll never see a Clana icon anywhere near me and I'll never write Clana fic, but for the last few episodes they've been, for want of a better phrase, cute as hell.

That they'll be getting back into the "you're lying to me and tell me all your secrets" bullshit that we've suffered through for fucking years, fills me with vague dread, but I gotta say, that's counter balanced by the fact that Lana seems to have grown some balls. And she and Lex together? LOVING IT.

Let me clarify. They can never be a couple, oh God no. But she's so damn spunky when she's with him, and I know I'm not the only one who thinks so. Lana stands up to Lex and I think a part of her hates him, and yet... she's connected to him, because he's the one person in her life who doesn't treat her like a princess. He's the one person who doesn't lie to her about Clark, even when she's lying to herself about Clark.  Lex definitely cares about Lana, but it's a dodgy Luthor style of caring. Secretly, he wants to fuck her, and intellectually, he knows the path to her secret garden is through, uh, just being himself.

Lex. Oh, Lex. I am so deeply in love with Lex it's worrying. Because Lex is pretty much ebil now, in a, he's there sorta way. All that he cares about is finding out the truth (about Clark, of course). And his ruthless determination and carelessness of that is OMG SO FUCKING SEXY I COULD DIE.

Season 5 is rocking my freaking socks, and I didn't hate S4 *at all*. But wow yeah, in comparison (so far at least) S4 was a steaming pile of shit.

S5 is exciting. S5 is dealing with Clark and his inner turmoil and it's making me *care* about Clark's journey again. And it feels like there's an organic and interesting story arc starting that's going to continue from here on in.  Please God, oh please, please, please, don't let me be wrong about that.

Smallville not only feels like it's back, it feels like it's a different show altogether. And one that I can feel proud of loving, not just because of our wonderful, fabulous fandom, full of brilliant and exceptionally forgiving fangirls. I feel like we're getting what we deserve.

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