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Fic turnoffs

Everyone's different: we've all got our kinks and we've all got our turnoffs too. There are a couple of things that, when I see them in a fic summary, TOTALLY put me off reading the fic. Which is probably silly because in the hands of a skilled writer, they can be great. Also, this is not directed at anyone on my flist, of course. Off the top of my head:

  • Clark comes out as gay. Omg, WHATEVER. First off, as far as I'm concerned, Clark likes girls. But his lust/love for Lex trancends sexuality/sexual orientation and reading stories about how gay Clark is kind of bug me. Because they're not about the character I know and love. There is NO evidence in SV that Clark likes boys. He likes LEX. He *loves* Lex. He wants to fuck Lex all over the place and it's all very romantic and beautiful and they're meant for each other. Clark going out with other men? I don't buy it. (FYI, Lex is far more sexually ambiguous and he's very much bisexual in my head.)
  • NC17: Established relationship. *yaaaaawwn* Again, I've read good established relationship porn, but generally I'm like, what's the point? Where's the sexual tension? Where's the build up and the uncontrollable lust?

I'd tell you what I'm into but if you've read my fic you'll already know a lot of my kinks. *g*

Anyone else? What do you love/hate?

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