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I need help.

I've pretty much decided that when I get my cat I will name him after a fictional character that I love, and in general my friends agree that this is a good idea. It's also something that happens commonly in fandom, yes? Well, whatever. I never said I was original.

So last night at my super fun dinner party we discussed possible cat names. Kirsty has been pushing for Tim, Riggins, Taylor or Kitsch. I have vetoed this, but am considering Coach, which I think is hilarious. Hilary says that Coach would only work on a fat, grumpy tom cat, but that is hopefully what my kitten will turn into, so.

My first choice is still Clark, which Hilary and Suz like, but which Kirsty is not keen on. She would rather I call the cat Mr Bob Dobalina, and actually I am seriously considering that just for the lolz. Other names discussed were Bruce Wayne (haha. MY POOR CAT IS TOTALLY GOING TO GET TEASED AT SCHOOL.) or Jack (named after Jack from Lost in case you were wondering, although theoretically he could also be named after Jack from 30 Rock or Jack from Alias).

Obviously I would like to hear your suggestions, dear flist, and I'm thinking the best way to kick off this very important discussion is with a poll. FYI, I am planning on getting a male cat but it's very possible I will fall in love with a female cat so feel free to suggest good girl names as well.

What should I call my cat?

Bruce Wayne
Mr Bob Dobalina
Ceiling Cat
None of the above

Kate, please name your cat:

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