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Diet update

I gave up my diet in a fit of hysteria this morning. As you know the reason I decided to stop eating wheat, dairy and eggs for a month (it's been just over three weeks) is because I wanted to find out if these things were related to my eczema -- I've been having particular grief with a patch on my hand for the past few years and I wanted to try something new.

Three weeks and not only was it not even hinting at going away, it was getting worse! And by worse I mean, the chronic, unbearable itching drove me to tears this morning and it's never been that bad and it's horrribly unsightly and it's really sore. So I went to the doctor and desperately asked her for help. "It's infected," she says. "And it looks like it's contact dermatitis." Which means it's *absolutely nothing to do with what I'm eating* and is to do with something I'm TOUCHING. Then I spent thirty quid on various prescriptions and a pair of gloves to wear whilst I'm at work.

I'm just wearing one of the white gloves and a surprising amount of people coming through the office look at it but don't comment. The ones that do think it's a fashion statement or a tribute to Michael Jackson, the ones that don't obviously just think I'm insane but they're too polite to say so. Maybe it's the pen mice I use? The doctor's first thought was that it was a certain pen I'm using, because of the area affected, and I got my pen mouses about three years ago which possibly coincides with the emergence of the rash. Who knows!

Anyway, I had a tuna melt (which had wheat, dairy AND egg in it) for lunch and it was the BEST THING I'VE EVER TASTED. \o/

I discovered lots of new, delicious foods during the diet, however, and don't regret it at all. I now know how to make an awesome (vegan) chickpea curry, and I just have more of an *interest* in different, healthy food, and in trying new things now. Believe it or not, soya milk and me are now BFFs (but it's got to be the apple juice-sweetened stuff) and I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm probably a wee bit lactose intolerant, because soya milk lattes don't make me feel queasy for half a day like the other kind do. I WILL NEVER GIVE UP CHEESE AGAIN THOUGH. *cuddles cheese*
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