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Leonard Roberts: Nice Guy.

I just bought season 1 of "30 Rock". :)

On Saturday night I went to see Leonard Roberts' play "The Viewing Room" because my photographer friend Digby promised I would get to meet him afterwards. Which I did! He wasn't feeling well because he'd eaten a dodgy oyster the night before but he still partied for ages afterwards and signed autographs outside (I met his three biggest fans, who he called the "Sexless Three" because "They ain't having sex any time soon." LOL correct. The lazy eyed one stared at me like he'd never seen a woman before) and was generally extremely attractive. He told me that Tom Welling is nice and very tall (uh NO WAY RLY?) and that he hung out mostly with Michael Rosenbaum, who has a different kind of chair on set from the rest of the cast: it's covered in leopard skin and says "Fuck Off" on the back of it, and it has a chalk board attached to it so people can write him messages. OH MICHAEL. ♥
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