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A list of things.

I just finished my marzipan log much to everyone else in the office's disgust. It was excellent in the end, and only a small amount pure evil.

I bought these shorts today! See, I am going to New Zealand on the 31st of January, and it's going to be hot there.

I am on day 15 of being a non-smoker. WHOO. Not only that, I have not really been drinking very much and I have been eating lots of healthy food and going on the sun bed a bit (this is mostly to prepare for NZ because I have fair skin and the NZ sun is the most dangerous in the world and I need a bit of a base tan for protection) so I feel TOTALLY FABULOUS. I also look better than normal. Goodbye nicotine! I loved you for more than a decade, but now it is time for us to part ways forever. *sniff*

I can't think of anything fannish to talk about at the moment and it's bothering me.
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