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Kingdom Come and stuff...

I owe you email, literaryll! My apologies, I have been very lazy over the holiday period, as others may have noticed. But now that I am back at work I will no doubt post more often. Anything to get out of working right? RIGHT.

It took me a while to get into it, but I finally yesterday finished reading “Kingdom Come”. (What are people’s thoughts on Alex Ross’s art? Personally, I’m alternatively amazed and creeped out by it.) I thought the story was pretty good, but what really made this book work for me was the Clark/Diana romance (EEEE! Such a brilliant pairing. I am really starting to love Diana), Clark and Bruce being their wonderful iconic selves, and the absolutely GENIUS epilogue. I don’t actually ship Clark/Bruce, but I most definitely ship Clark/Bruce/Diana now. A BABY. They all three are going to have a baby together! Every time I think about it I feel faint with joy. I also love old man Bruce, and his dry wit, and his suggestion that they name the baby after him. ♥


I hardly wrote any fic last year. Twelve stories, compared to, like, twenty nine the year before. But I flatter myself to think that they are better quality (?). Plus, I wrote in a couple of different fandoms, which is very daring of me.

This year I would like to be more prolific, and I would like to write more DCU fic. It’s tough getting up the courage to write more in that fandom because I am such a canon whore and I still feel like I don’t know enough/anything. But I guess I will just keep on reading lots of comics (YAY!) and having lots of dirty Bat fantasies and it will happen when it happens. [I’m starting to think I have a Dick Grayson addiction, because I always miss him when he’s not there. Like in the last Gotham Underground! WHERE WAS MY DICKIE? I can’t even remember anything else about it, just that Dick was AWOL.]

Regarding SV fic, I am working on Bopster’s birthday present at the moment (HET PORN WHOO!), which I should finish today or tomorrow. And I have another Clex fic finished which I wrote for the Doujinshi competition and I will post that once the winner has been announced in a few weeks.


MOST excitingly of all, I have just downloaded the first episode of season 5 of “The Wire”. *hugs self*
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