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You know what they say about guys with ginormous feet.

I went out with the girls on Friday night and we accidentally ended up in a bar full of yuppies. I thought yuppies died with the eighties? Apparently not. Also, yuppy men are scared of me and Sharan, because we talk loudly and have actual personalities (unlike yuppy women). At one point I went to the bathroom and this youngish girl with a gallon of foundation on her face started a conversation with me (for no reason) like this: "Yesterday I burned my bum on the sunbed!" I liked her the best.

On Sunday I didn't leave the house at all, and I just watched a bunch of TV (and wrote a bit), which was nice. How adorable is "Batman: The Animated Series"! I have seen the first five episodes and really love how cheesy it is.

I also watched the latest "House", "Gossip Girl" and "Friday Night Lights", all of which I loved. Are we on hiatus now? What's the latest news on the strike?

I'm going to leave you with this picture:

Tags: actor: tom welling, picspam, real life, tv: general
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