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Smallville, 7.05: Action

Is Lana really on the edge of a moral precipice or has she gone over to the dark side for good? I'm not sure where the show is planning to take her or if she'll eventually find redemption, but as far as I'm concerned, she is directly responsible for Lionel killing her minion, and--assuming she knows the woman is dead--she didn't seem too bothered about that in the final scenes, which doesn't bode well for her soul. Further, her motivation for doing what she did to Lionel doesn't appear to be particularly complex: it was about revenge, pure and simple.

The Clark/Lana relationship is still steeped in tragedy, but I think what the show is trying to illustrate there would be a million times more effective if they actually behaved like boyfriend/girlfriend. They don't kiss ever and I'm not getting the impression that they're fucking. Poor sexually frustrated Clana. They remind me of Lexana.

Nice to see Lois back in the picture. I loved her scene with Lex and I *loved* her scene with Grant at the end. Those two have a lot of sexual chemistry. SIGH. I want to *do* things to that man.

The Clark/Lex scene felt like it belonged in an earlier season. Not that I'm complaining of course. I love that Clark still wanders into Lex's house asking for help and Lex doesn't bat an eyelid. He just...*helps*. With Lana out of the picture, Lex is no longer the pathetic, pissy jealous boyfriend, and all he cares about again is getting proof about Clark's secret. YAY. Because yes, he already knows, it's just getting that pesky proof that's holding him back from...what exactly? If he does find out that Clark's an alien for sure, what will he do with the information? Gloat? Maybe he'll be all, "I KNEW IT! NOW THAT I KNOW THE TRUTH WE CAN BE TOGETHER. I WILL ALWAYS PROTECT YOU CLARK, BECAUSE I LOVE YOU." Y/Y?
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