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Smallville, 7.04: Cure

Another great episode!

Clark carried Lex to the hospital and waited until he was conscious (HOW LONG? Bopster reckoned it was all night and I tend to agree) so he could tell Lex that he killed someone just to save him. Yeah yeah, it made him sick to do so, but he wanted Lex to know that he still cares. And while I'm not ever crazy about Clark killing people, if he does it save Lex I'm apparently I'm fine with it. Luckily he didn't actually manage to kill Dean Cain after all, because Dean Cain is too cool.

Speaking of Dr. Ripper, what a neat villain of the week. His motive for evildoing was actually a romantic one which always goes down well with me. Twoo Wuv! I hope we see him again.

Chloe continues to be interesting (finally!) and has a decent story arc of her own (finally!) and she told Clark to stop expecting her to be at his beck and call 24-7 (finally!) because she actually has her own problems (finally!). And I love that Clark dropped everything he was doing, important as it was, to help her. I was hoping that Chloe would tell Jimmy her secret at the end, because that would have been new and different, but then, if characters actually started trusting the people they were in love with, Smallville would probably implode on itself.

Lex is one of the most honest characters in the show if you think about it, although he's very good at using the truth selectively, to manipulate others. And while Clark doesn't trust Lex much, he still doesn't automatically dismiss his claim about Lana's thievery.

Because Lana is lying her pants off. And Clark can tell.

How sexy is it that Lana has a Lex room? She might not be happy about what she's doing but it's not stopping her from doing it. I love that *Lana* is going to be responsible for destroying her relationship with Clark this time. She's the one keeping secrets. She's the one lying. She's the one who's so much like Lex now that, while Clark may find her sexy, he'll never be able to look past the fact that she has questionable morals. Poor doomed Clana.

What's great about Lana being badass is how sympathetic she remains as a character, because who *wouldn't* want to keep an eye on Lex after everything he did to her and everything she knows about him, and who *wouldn't* be psychologically fucked up and tempted by the dark side after that marriage?

Clark wouldn't of course. But that's why he's the hero.

Canon gay! Thank you SO MUCH, Smallville. Nice work. SEASON 7 FTW.
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