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This bullshit is working my last nerve.

What the fuck is her problem with women? Is she not one herself? Jesus fucking Christ, do you know what I'M sick of? Misogynist cunts like that ruining my fandom experience.


Today Sharan told me that when I'm not at work (I was off yesterday) Florence becomes a lot more animated. She talked so much yesterday Sharan wanted to kill her. Sharan hates it when I'm off. So I tell Caroline (our boss) that I scare Florence, and Caroline looks at me meaningfully and says:

"I think you're a lot scarier than you think you are."

You know what that means right? I scare her too!

*wins at life*

Are you scared of me?

I used to be but then I realised you are actually a giant marshmallow underneath your demonic exterior


TV: Brief non-spoilery comments

I watched "Gossip Girl", "Reaper" and "Pushing Daisies" yesterday. I don't really like "Pushing Daisies" all that much (that goddamn voiceover. ARGH.) but I just. I *love* Lee Pace. I LOVE HIM. He's so incredibly hot it kills me. So I don't know what to do about that. I guess I will keep watching just for him.

"Gossip Girl" remains my favourite new show (Chuck Bass, you're a superstar).

"Reaper" is alright although the way they use (or don't use) the one female character in it annoys me, so I don't know if I will have the patience to stick with it.

I can't find a working "House" download anywhere so still haven't seen the latest ep. How is it that a show that popular is so hard to get hold of? *frownyface*


I am so entering this clex comics contest, that plnunn is running. I've even already started writing my story!
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