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10 great shags!

10 Characters I'd like to have sex with.


Not actors. Characters. From film or tv, but just one from each show/film, to keep it interesting.



1. Lex Luthor, Smallville

Actually, I'd rather sleep with MR than with Lex, because I think Lex would intimidate me whereas MR would be bags of fun. But that's not the game so okay, if I absolutely had to, then yeah, Lex would get it.


2. Jack Sheppard, Lost

This was tough because my loins sort of belong to Sawyer. But my *heart* belongs to Jack and also, he's fucking hot and I want to have sex with him and you know, maybe occasionally cheat on him with Sawyer.


3. Del Spooner, I Robot

I won't lie. I'd pork almost any incarnation of Will Smith, but for the purposes of this game, I'm going to go with the God of Buff that is Spooner from I Robot. That opening scene alone makes this movie a masterpiece. And what the hell is up with the internet when a girl can't find naked pictures of Will Smith anywhere and not for lack of trying very hard indeed? *boggles*


4. Dr. Gregory House, House

What? Yes I know full well that he's an old, grumpy, junkie with a limp, and I don't care. I luuuuurve him.


5. Logan Cale, Dark Angel

Anyone would think I had a thing for cripples.


6. Will Tippin, Alias

(S3 spoiler alert)

Poor Will. Never has a character been shat on so much, and without deserving any of it.  Alias, you bitch. Stop torturing my boy! Of course, when Sydney finally came to her senses and bedded him I was cheering my butt off. About time, dumbass! Yeah, okay, Vaugn's hot. But Will? Will is sweet, gorgeous, smart, sexy, funny and he loves you to bits. I'd fuck almost all of the men on Alias, but they'd have to get in line.


7. Jason Bourne, The Bourne Identity/Supremacy

I'm a Matt Damon fan anyway, but there's a bit in the first Bourne flick in particular that just turns me on like crazy. You know the one. He's in the hotel room with Franke Potente and he's just dyed her hair and she goes up to him and kisses him and he doesn't move because he's honourable and wouldn't ever take advantage and she's basically like, I'm horny for you and she kisses him again and then he obviously decides, fuck it, I want you too and he wraps his hand around the back of her head and they kiss and by that I mean they really fucking kiss and oh yeah, there's Kate, drowning in a puddle of her own drool. Also, he kicks ass and that's incredibly hot.


8. Ken Hutchinson (Hutch), Starsky and Hutch (the movie).

Owen Wilson's Hutch is a masterful and extremely sexy creation. The strange good looks. The drawl. The laidback 'tude. The rule breaking, which he gets away with because he's talented. The fact that he has a threesome with two cheerleaders and takes coke with them, because he's that fucking cool. *harts*


9. Malcolm Reynolds, Firefly

Well duh. He's the perfect man: clever, funny, heroic and gorgeous.  And with that hint of darkness that we all find so attractive.



Hmmm, who to choose for number 10. Who. To choose.


Not an easy choice actually, but I'm going to go with an old favourite:


10. Wille Conway, Beautiful Girls

I swear, I don't think I've seen Timothy Hutton in anything else. And yet I basically worship him because of his performance in this film. He's just so freaking sexy, and although the dogdybadwrong part of my brain was loving the sexual chemistry he had with 12 year old Natalie Portman, I probably wouldn't have liked the character so much had he followed through. And Uma Thurman turning him down? What a loser.

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