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A pimp, 2 recs and a comment on the migration that didn't.

My gal bop_radar is going to host a Character Study challenge, which I think is a wicked idea. I will enter and my character study will be full of porn.

capnzebbie has done it again, and made a really fabulous Lex vid. It's dark and violent and disturbing and sad, as well as being stunning to look at.

I read "Robin Year One" last night. *HAPPY* I love Dick Grayson.

Have I mentioned that petronelle is the most amazing writer ever? (Petra, I owe you lots of feedback! I will send you a long embarrassing email soon I promise.) Go and read all of her stories, you won't regret it. But yes, one I read last night which thrilled me is this Clark/Bruce fic (shush! comics Clark is really not anything like SV's Clark, so he's allowed to have sex with the Bat family as much as he wants): Look in these eyes. If you've read the Superman/Batman "Public Enemies" comic (which I did recently) you will LOVE IT SO MUCH, but even if you haven't, it is utterly beautiful (and fancily presented).


Is fandom migrating or not?

It's a given that the journaling structure suits fandom, which is why the alternatives are all--inferior--journal sites. So you *might* assume that the people staying are staying because they're lazy and hate change or they're offended by chan, but that doesn't alter the fact that LJ still offers a better service with a larger range of perks (LJ Toys and Joule for example). Also, perhaps don't discount that for some of us it became a political statement to NOT do what a lot of loudmouths in fandom were insisting we do. A fair number of (quieter, or perhaps just fearful of being hated) fen don't have a problem with LJ and their recent actions. If you do, that's your prerogative and I do understand your position, but it really got aggravating being *expected* to be angry, and feeling like a Bad Fangirl, for not caring that LJ was behaving like any growing, successful company behaves. Just sayin.
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