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This week has been... :((((

I'm in an okay mood today though. Maybe because I'm glad yesterday is over. (I was in hospital having traumatising things done to me, but all for a good cause so there's no need to worry about me. I HOPE.)

Keira Knightly disses Lilo and Britney for not wearing underwear:

"The whole celebrity thing is not magic. They're real people proving they're s**ttier than everybody else because they don't even wear knickers."

"Shittier" seems to be the wrong insult in this case. I don't think wearing no undies makes you a terrible (or shitty) person. Wearing short skirts, and hopping out of cars in front of hordes of paparazzi, flashing your snatch, is just...dumb, and seriously embarrassing. I'm sure there are a few men in the world who find that hot, but come on ladies, it's not actually a good look. It's really not sexy and it's not even all that daring or different. Lots of people like to go commando. But the beauty--and point--of it is that *no one knows but you*.

Britney et al got it all wrong. Not because they did it in the first place, but because they were stupid enough to get caught.
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