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Pushing Daisies and an icon game

(Of those that did yesterday's poll) most of you are here for my sharp mind and sparkling personality, among other things. Awesome.

Also, my fic and my bitching are equally most popular (yay. They're my favourite posts too!), personal posts are no one's favourite, and everyone who selected "other" as an option did not explain themselves in the comments.

Best of all, most of you lied and said you love all my posts equally. D'AWWWWWW.


I watched the "Pushing Daisies" pilot. I found it mostly charming although I could see the kookiness and the voiceover getting on my nerves pretty quickly, and I have a sneaking suspicion it's not actually going anywhere. (I'm watching "Dead Like Me" at the moment--same showrunner, Bryan Fuller--and am starting to get a similar feeling, even though I'm enjoying it.) Also, the flippant attitude towards death could be read as disingenuous and may make it difficult to connect with the show in an emotional way. After all, just like drama, comedy works much better when it's emotionally truthful.

The best thing about it so far is the cast (as it is with "Dead Like Me". OH MANDY. YOU CAME AND YOU GAVE WITHOUT TAKING. BUT THEY SENT YOU AWAY.)

The lead actor (Lee Pace) is totally my type: funny, clever, quirky and sexy. And the love interest (Anna Friel) is adorable. I also find Chi McBride, who plays the best friend/business partner of main character Ned, enormously appealing.

A good cast can go a long way I've found, so I will definitely keep watching (for a while at least).


My new icon pleases me.

Comment with your latest icon addition and tell me why you chose it/made it and why you love it.
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