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Those crazy kids and their music

Burn in hell, James Blunt, you insipid, annoying, talentless fuckhead. BURN IN HELL.


Dear KT Tunstall,

I don't know if you're seeing anyone right now, but if you are, they're not worthy. Give me a call some time on 1900-I-LOVE-YOUR-WORK.


It's about fucking time you got your act together and released another single I could actually stand, Robbie Williams. And do you know what I like most about Tripping (apart from the wicked chorus)? It doesn't even sound like you! Keep it up.


Who's the black private dick that's a sex machine to all the chicks?

Yeah, I saw Shaft last night for the first time. The original. And FYI, it's a very very bad, stupid and boring movie. However. It has a few choice lines in it which I've decided to adopt. From now on when I agree with you I will say, "Right on, baby." And when you piss me off I will say, "Don't let your mouth get your ass in to trouble."
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