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Hop in.

I am mskatej over at greatestjournal. Go add me if you have an account and we can have parties there behind LJ’s back when LJ’s thought policing gets too stressful.


I love my livejournal and I love my icons and no matter how much you tell me what to do I will probably not go back to a basic account. However, I do believe that LJ’s management are a bunch of cunts, and I might start writing child porn fic in protest. I bet I could make it hot!


I just bought season 5 of Smallville and season 3 of The Wire, to treat myself, because I didn’t spend any money on my credit card last month. *boogies hard*


I have discovered that I’m quite intolerant of squee about things I don’t like or care about. It annoys me. One of my workmates is a massive Rufus Wainwright fan, and fine whatever, but she goes on about him *all the time*, so now Sharan and I are forced to mock her behind her back at every opportunity. NO ONE CARES, ALEX. I don’t talk about Tom Welling all the time (I do here, but that’s allowed) for fuck’s sake. Because I actually recognise that no one cares. This all comes back to very basic social skills, people.

It’s not always easy forcing myself to not talk about the things I love and am interested in, but I do consider it important because, you know, boring the shit out of people isn’t very productive.


And now for a fun poll. You should be aware that I will be judging you by your answer.

Do you find Sylar attractive?

No. And also, he's a creepy, one-dimensional villain, played by a shitty actor with stupid eyebrows. Lex is way better.

Tags: flist, polls, rant, tv: heroes
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