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I ♥ due South. PLUS RANTING.

One of my favourite moments so far in due South (it made me cry with laughter) is at the very beginning of Mojo Rising, and Fraser is driving and Ray is dissing his driving skillz, and he insists that Fraser pulls over so he can take over, and Fraser’s all “as you wish”. And then, omg. Then they swap places WITHOUT GETTING OUT OF THE CAR. Hotttttttt.

I’m sorry but straight men who are not in love with each other do not behave in this manner.

*dies of love*

I can’t stop watching this show. I only have six or so episodes to go and I’m both excited about finishing it and sad because once I’m done I will never have another new episode to watch. *scared* Also, I’m reading Kowalski Is Bleeding at the moment and it’s breaking my heart. HE BETTER NOT BE DEAD.


Have you noticed that there are a lot of crazy motherfuckers in fandom? You know, people who love their ship or their celebrity crush more than being polite and nice and cool and reasonable and not retarded?

I saw this post on friends friends and this chick is going on about how she’s defriended a few people, one because they annoy her with their constant spamming (fair enough) but the second one because:

The second person was removed because of the sheer fact that they outright dissed my heroine. You claim to be a supporter of hers, and of my ship, but you have proved otherwise, and it almost makes me feel like you are a traitor, in some ways. I simply don't put up with that kind of crap on my friendspage.

WTFFFFFF. It would be funny if it wasn’t so creepy. I mean come ON. My friends are allowed to hate Clex if they want to. Clearly they’re blind lesbians if they do, but I’m not a bigot so I’m fine with that. And if all the Wincest fans on my flist had that attitude I’d have been defriended by most of you forever ago, because I HATE YOUR SHIP YOU FREAKING SICKOS.

Also, Dear TwoP Allison Fans,

Loving an actor so much that you’ll defend them no matter WHAT crap they write in their stupid stupid blog makes you a MORON. You’re not friends with her, she doesn't CARE about you, and actually, there’s a real good chance you wouldn’t even like her if you got to know her, and hell, she's highly unlikely to like YOU, because you’re a sycophantic stalkery idiot and that’s not sexy.

No love,


/end rant
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