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Oh Actors…

It’s a given that most actors are stupid, right. Job requirement? Not really. I’m just saying, most people are stupid, so it follows logically that most actors are. Not that I care. Tom Welling won’t be winning any book reading competitions in the near future and it doesn’t stop me from loving him. But it can still be mildly disturbing surprising to discover that an actor who plays an extremely clever character is in reality a giant thicky.

Go read Allison Mack’s blog everyone!! It’s PRICELESS. There are SO many gems in her latest entry (entitled “Violent Tendencies”) I’m hard pressed to choose a favourite, but here’s a small taster:

I really wonder what would happen on a global scale if more people would stop the abusive behavior they inflict upon themselves and actually began living with compassion for their own flaws, embracing them and accepting them as part of the beauty of what it means to be human.

*cries with laughter*

And the poll? Comedy GOLD.

PS. I apologise to all Allison fans for mocking her like this, but it has to be done.

ETA. This icon I'm using is labelled as Chloe, and I've always thought it was of Allison Mack and I've always loved it and I think she looks great in it. But Melissa is convinced that it's not her (she thinks it's Jessica Simpson. Who I despise). Now I'm not so sure! Does that look like AM to you guys? Or have I been duped?
I was duped, yes.


Gay-basher, Isaiah Washington, has been cast in an upcoming indie movie as a catholic priest who was abused as a child. HOW VERY INAPPROPRIATE.
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