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If you're mean to me I'll hold my breath until I DIE.

It’s a good time for me to start using my Easter icon, do you not think?


I have an idea for a story! That I actually *want* to write! This is excellent news for me, btw.


And then I signed up for the Anything Goes meme, where you get to tell me whatever’s on your mind. Even if it's MEAN. My thread is here.


Reading about Rodney having sex is weird. Being forced to think about Rodney with an erection is weirder still. Presumably it gets easier and less disturbing, although I must admit, I miss Fraser and Ray K quite a lot right now. However, my very favourite thing to do after reading John/Rodney is to write Clex porn in my head. I'm so glad my OTP are hotasses.

Look at this amazing screencap (by superherofan) for proof if you don't believe me:

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