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JGL, parties, Due South and your favourite episode of SV

Stephanie Zacharek raves about my boy Joseph Gordon Levitt's latest film, "The Lookout". Which almost certainly means I am going to love it, so YAY.

He also, obviously, chose his lead actor very carefully. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one of those rare child actors -- now 26, he's been working in TV and movies since the late '80s -- who's been able to segue gracefully into adult roles. In pictures like Rian Johnson's high-school noir "Brick," and particularly in Gregg Araki's "Mysterious Skin," Gordon-Levitt has shown a knack for playing tough-tender troubled kids, young adults who've been forced to act like grown-ups even as their faces still speak of childhood. As Chris Pratt, Gordon-Levitt is a solemn, elfin presence.


I am supposed to go to a Heroes and Villains costume party tomorrow night. I hate costume parties. Who the hell am I supposed to go as? Do you know of any plainly (but sexily) dressed heroes or villains that might suit me? I refuse to spend money on a costume.


I just bought the second and third seasons of Due South!! *hugs self* They prolly won't arrive for another week or so, but that's okay. THEY ARE ON THEIR WAY TO ME. THANK YOU KINDLY AMAZON.


What is your favourite ever Smallville episode? And why?

Mine is Heat. I can't imagine ever getting sick of it. I love how funny and sexy (and HOT. SO VERY HOT) it is, and if there's a slashier episode of television out there I'll eat my hat. Smallville is really good at comedy when it bothers to go there, which it does very rarely (I'll never understand why the show takes itself as seriously as it does). So yes. Heat is the best.

You lot?
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