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Kate's weekend of tv: Due South and The Wire mostly

I had the most blissful weekend. After partying on Friday night (fun! Although I sometimes wish I would learn to keep my big fucking mouth shut when I’m drunk and talking to people I have certain...issues with) I barely left the house, and spent both days alternating between watching Due South S1 and The Wire S2.


I also managed to fit in Thursday’s Smallville, a few eps of Queer as Folk, absolutely no SGA, and the spectacularly good Outkast movie musical,
. I haven’t seen Dream Girls but I already know it ain’t a patch on this film, which is so different and exciting, pulsing with rhythm from start to finish. The production numbers are all out of this world (featuring Macy Gray in one song, and Erykah Badu’s voice in another, along with all the amazing performances by the Outkast boys, who, btw, are also great actors) and it looks sensational: beautifully lit, with gorgeous cinematography and costumes. I absolutely loved it and will be buying it. If you’re an Outkast fan (or just a fan of wonderful music and dancing) I cannot recommend it highly enough.

How have I gone so long without Due South in my life? Without FRASER? God he’s so beautiful and amazing, and in the most recent episode I saw HE HAD SEX. One of my favourite things in the world is seeing my favourite characters get laid, it really is. But Fraser, darling, she's BAD FOR YOU. *cuddles him* Vecchio loves Fraser SO MUCH you guys. SO SO MUCH. (And I don't mean that in a slashy way either.)

Shoot I need to buy S2 pronto, before I run out of episodes.

And then in The Wire, Stringer Bell (played by the divine Idris Elba), who is about 10 foot tall and made of muscle – he fucks this girl and it’s so scorchingly hot I nearly combusted in my chair. What software does one need to make video clips from DVDs? I want to share the wonder of Stringer with y’all.

Speaking of the awesomeness of The Wire, season 2 has already blown my mind and I’m only three episodes into it. We’ve got a brand new case (14 Jane Does found dead - murdered - in a container at the port), with a brand new set of criminals, more police corruption, a few of the main players from last season’s case in prison and wreaking havoc there; Stringer in charge on the outside (GUH). This is the most intelligent, complex, layered, realistic show you'll ever see. I mean, even though I don’t understand half of what’s going on, the show’s so well made, it’s never less than riveting. And the characters! The diversity is stunning (we’ve got black lesbian cops and black homosexual criminals here, to name but a few) and only serves to make it that much more believable. Does anyone on my flist watch this show? And if not, WHY THE HELL NOT?

So yes, my two favourite cop shows saw me through the weekend.

What did you guys do with yours?
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