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NEW BOOTS; BSG 3.15; Heroes 1.16

Today I bought some really gorgeous Italian leather boots, and I took photos of them with my BRAND NEW DIGITAL CAMERA:

The photo doesn't do them justice, but trust me, they're intimidatingly awesome.

This is what the toe looks like when they're being worn by me.

Battlestar Galactica, 3.15: A Day In The Life

I actually enjoyed that episode, mostly because I love Adama and I love it when he and Roslin flirt with each other. His wife was a fucking bitch though! WOW! I really don't know why he'd want to get together with her once a year on their anniversary.

Heroes, 1.16: Unexpected

There are so many characters in Heroes I dislike that it's actually quite hard for me to love this show. I *loathe* Sylar, which I guess we're supposed to, but I actually find his scenes painful to watch because he repulses me so much. Also, the actor is embarrassingly hammy, and (to me) not attractive in any way whatsoever. I also can't stand Isaac, who's just a twat (and played by another really rubbish actor). And why must Mohinder be a fucking idiot all the time? It's a terrible part, which is a shame because Ramamurthy is hot.

Matt I *almost* like, but only because Greg Gunberg was in Alias. Mostly I just wish he'd get his head out of his ass and start using his powers intelligently. Which is the main problem with this show: the characters are generally dumbasses. The only reason Matt did the "heroic" thing at the end is because Radioactivedude begged him to. Otherwise he would have gone back to being a big loser. Pah. (New girl who can control the internet with her mind was sexy though)

The best thing about the episode was the Claire/Bennett family story. Claire is fucking cool and smart and honourable and I believe that she's got what it takes to be a hero. Papa Bennett's mindwiping antics truly have come back to bite him in the ass and I hope that he was telling the truth when he told Claire he'd never do it again. It can no longer be justified after all (not that it ever could be but I can sympathise with his reasoning), and I do believe that he had no idea that it was going to do permanent damage.

I don't know when I started finding Peter kind of attractive but it may have been in this episode. He's quite a hottie isn't he! :\

Simone dying made me happy rather than sad, which is another failing of the show I'm afraid. She SUCKED as a character and pretty much only ever got on my nerves. The only thing that would have made that scene better is if Peter had flown into a rage and revenge-killed Isaac. His "you're not a hero, you're a junkie" line was pretty harsh (and lame), but he's not wrong. BOO ISAAC.

The cliffhanger was pretty good in that I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next. I just hope they resolve that storyline next week and don't go back to telling boring Niki's tale. And more Nathan would be appreciated too.

I'm going to watch Prison Break now. And did anyone see Studio 60? If you did can you let me know if Jack was in it and give me a quick recap of what else happened? Thanks.
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