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Love vs money vs sex.

Britney Spears looks like an alien. :(

The other week I was out with Sharan and we got hit on all night by this group of millionaires. One of them liked me a lot and I drunkenly gave him my phone number, but when he texted me last week I just ignored him. As much as I'd like to be taken out for dinner and bought gifts and whatnot, I really don't want to fuck him and I'm pretty sure I'll never want to fuck him. So that means I'd just be using him for his money and apparently I don't have it in me to do that. WTF.

Do you think I should get back to him and make him take me out but then not *put* out? That seems wrong and self-serving to me, even though I'm aware that Date doesn't necessarily have to equal Sex. (Except it does and I'm not going to pretend otherwise just so I feel better about being mercenary.)

Just for the record, I'm not the kind of person who can "learn to love" someone. I find the idea of that completely fucking weird actually.

Would you date a rich man even if you didn't fancy him?

Of course. I like to be pampered.
No way. I am deep and honourable.

Would you sleep with your favourite sleb even if they were married/in a serious relationship?

Yes. What a stupid question. I'm not the one cheating, after all.
No. I have principles.


Great sex, bad boyfriend
Great boyfriend, bad sex

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