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Prison Break 2.16; Friday Night Lights 1.15

Prison Break, 2.16: Chicago

It took a while for me to warm up to this episode but by the end of it I was pretty happy with Prison Break again.

I'll touch on the things I didn't like first, and get that out of the way.

I hate the T-Bag story with a fiery passion. I hate seeing this innocent family being abused like this; it's unpleasant and creepy, and as far as I'm concerned this plot arc has no redeeming features whatsoever. As much as I admire Robert Knepper, I would rather he wasn't in the show anymore.

Bellick was relatively entertaining as an FBI agent but I dislike him too much to be happy about that turn of events.

Mahone's journey no longer interests me. Unfortunately the worst has happened, and he's back to being Kim's lackey. I still like the character a lot (and fuck me, he's sexy. That VOICE) and I liked how he handled Haywire at the end. If he's going to keep killing these guys then doing it without actually killing them is, I suppose, a little more tolerable. Fichtner's acting in that scene on the tower was stellar; despite hating the direction they've taken this character, he still manages to move me.

What I did like very much:

That Paul isn't going back to work for the president and that the whole thing had been a (very clever) setup. The Paul/president cliffhanger at the end of the last episode annoyed me SO MUCH because I can't be bothered with another Paul double-cross. So yay thank god, he's still on the boys' side.

KISSAGE. We had to wait a long time for it, and the scene was several minutes too short, but what we got was fabulous. Their chemistry is *off the scale*, and the way Michael kisses - holding her head with one hand and moving into her mouth - is a veritable master-class in how to screen-kiss (i.e. it's stupidly hot and sexy).

Most surprisingly, I loved the C-Note story. Or rather, I didn't like it at all (miserable children upset me too much) then I ended up loving it. He was a total hero in that coffee shop and the absolute *best* thing in the whole episode for me was how every single one of those people helped him escape, because of what he did for them, because what he did was *incredible*. They all, collectively, just *knew* that he was a good man. That last shot, with the girl letting him out the back door made my heart nearly burst.

I'm so pleased I enjoyed that because I've been very grumpy with Prison Break recently.

Friday Night Lights, 1.15: Blinders

Friday Night Lights does racism.

Always a tricky subject to tackle and I'm *very* impressed so far. I'm glad it wasn't wrapped up in a single episode and I'm intrigued to see where they go with this story. It's certainly revealing a lot about the characters, which is the best kind of drama.

Coach is so hot btw. SO HOT. And he's the best dad ever. *loves*

Welcome back Landry! I wish he was in every episode.

I have lots more thoughts but I'm too tired to make sense tonight so hopefully more tomorrow...

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