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Smallville musings; icons; beta request

I've been sick for 10 days now. TEN DAYS. If I suddenly disappear from livejournal please assume that I died.

I was talking to Rachel yesterday about whether Smallville will get a seventh season or not and I'm now interested to find out how the fandom feels about this, because frankly, I'm really apprehensive about it.

For starters, they've already fucked Clark and Lex's story to the point of no return and another year of this shit? It's going to be embarrassing and pointless and I'm pretty sure they've run out of things to do. What will Lana's role be in a 7th season? If Lex is already totally evil (which I'm sure he will be by the end of S6) where is there left for him to go? Okay, so Clark still has to become Superman, but he's not the only character in the show (unfortunately). I feel like a really sucky SV fan for suggesting this but honestly, I want it over before it gets even worse.

The only reason I would like it to continue is because I will miss Tom so much, and unless he fires his retarded management team and gives up on the idea of having a successful film career, I worry about his future after Smallville. (He should stick with television for starters, and he should do something a bit more adult and comedic; a role that requires him to have sex and be funny in every episode would be nice.) But I'm not sure another season of SV will do him any favours anyway. I have faith that Mike will be fine after SV, btw, but Tommy? I want him to be successful SO MUCH because I've never adored an actor quite like I adore him; I know he's not the most talented actor on the planet, but he's got more charm in his little finger than many "great" actors have in their entire bodies. Also, he's beautiful and sexy.

What do you guys think? It looks relatively likely that SV will get picked up for one more season - what the hell are they going to do? Are you dreading it as much as I am? Looking forward to it? Talk to me!

I've made a bunch of silly icons, which you are welcome to help yourself to. Kittens and randomness!



Finally, I've written some Petrellicest porn which is in desperate need of a harsh beta. Any takers?
Tags: icons, tv: smallville
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