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Friday Night Lights, 1.11: Crossing The Line

The fight between Matt and his father in the parking lot made me cry like a big girl. Zach Gilford is an extraordinarily soulful actor, with a very natural sense of timing. He's stunning. I feel like my heart is going to burst every time he's on the screen.

Mostly though, I'm finding Landry/Tim to be the cutest slash pairing in history. I want them to have sex so much it's actively making my laugh. There's no bad here. Beautiful rebel falls for bookish deathmetalhead. I WANT FIC ABOUT THOSE TWO. With road trips and Landry reading books to Tim and teasing and smiles (OH GOD TIM'S SMILE OH GOD) and Tim supporting Landry's band because he likes him so much that he'll not only *turn up to his lame gigs*, he'll gently mock him and then SIT AT THE FRONT IN HIS SPECIAL SAVED SEAT FOR BOYFRIENDS. *dies of love*

Welcome back, beautiful brilliant show. WELCOME BACK.

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