Kate (mskatej) wrote,

Watchers of Alias

I am having a season 5 Alias marathon (I bought it with my Xmas vouchers!) and I'm loving it a LOT more than season 4, which sucked ass. But I am confused about something that happened in the last episode I watched:

Oh man, I'm so fucking glad that Vaughn is alive, although it makes all the crying I did over his death seem terribly misguided. Thing is, we found out in this episode that Sydney and Jack knew he wasn't dead. That surprised me so much I quickly pressed the stop button and had a minor freak out, because I figured I was playing the wrong disc and had missed an episode.

NOW. I realise that I often don't pay close attention to what's going on when I'm excited and having fun, but their conversation made it seem as if they'd *always* known Vaughn wasn't dead. Am I right about that? Thinking back on their behaviour at the funeral in episode one, I guess that makes sense. And the way Sydney has been this season could easily be interpreted as missing Vaughn as opposed to mourning for him. Now I feel like an idiot because I didn't once consider that.

I'm not even really asking any questions here, am I. I'm just talkin' it through with myself in public.

Carry on with whatever else you're doing and ignore me.

Tags: tv: alias
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