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So the Dull Concierge now seems to think I'm his girlfriend. He called me this morning in my hotel room (yeah great. I love that he has my number without me giving it to him) and was all, "where were you last night [as if I need to explain myself to him] ? I was looking for you."

Uh, I was out. Having fun. Did you really think I wanted to go another round with you? I didn't say the last bit, but fuck, get a clue. If that was your idea of a good date you need to get out more. *face palms* So I have a NY stalker. Who actually thinks I like him because I'm too nice to be honest about the fact that I will NEVER EVER EVER go out with him or do anything with him again. And he wants to meet up with me tonight - he's like, I'll be around at 6. Oh, okay. Do you know where I'll be at 6? ANYWHERE BUT HERE.

On a brighter note, Hilary is getting out of hospital today (hopefully), so yay! I was just with her and getting really angry and I just do not understand why the hell they've imprisoned her there for the last four days. She seems FINE. Her foot is looking tons better and yeah, so her heart rate is weird, but it's probably always been weird and I doubt there's any relation between the foot and the heart but what would I know.

Last night I went out on my own and ended up in a cool Irish bar called Swift. I bought one drink when I arrived at about 7 and then didn't pay for another drink for the rest of the night and I left at about 3am. I rule. The first person to talk to me (and buy me drinks) was a man of about 60, whose life I made because I chatted to him for so long. He was almost deliriously happy when he left to stumble home. Then the bartender, Colin, who I totally fancied because he was funny and crude and cute as hell, kept filling up my drink whenever I went outside for a cigarette (weirdly, I *like* the no smoking laws here. It means I smoke less and my clothes don't smell bad at the end of the night). I spoke to him for ages, then we were joined by a mildly sleazy, but sweet, Finnish guy whose name I could never remember and at one point I told everyone (everyone being the 5 or so guys I was hanging with) that I could drink them all under the table and next thing I know a shot of bourbon is sitting in front of me and I so don't drink shots, but I really had to because you don't make a claim like that and then wuss out. I then walked back to the hotel and passed out. What a great night.

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