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SV S6 07 Rage

Wait, was the social message in SV last night really Drugs Are Bad Mkay? Was it? I think it might have been but I'm not sure because it was all too dumb for me to comprehend.

Message to Lana: ABORT ABORT ABORT. Seriously.

How revolting is the Lexana relationship? I don't feel remotely sorry for Lana of course, which I think we're supposed to. Do you feel sorry for Lana flist? Do you feel any sympathy for her at all? I mean, Kreuk really played her as a victim in this episode, but hey girlfriend, that's what happens when you let an evil man stick his dick in you without a rubber. Omg. Do you think they'll give us the details of how she managed to get pregnant, or will we have to speculate forever? HAHAHAHA.


Hey, is Lex getting fat? I think he's getting fat.

I like Clark the most. He's so sweet and the Clana scene was by far my favourite of the episode. HE'S SO SWEET. Bring back Clana Smallville!! I MISS CLANA.

Martha is smitten with Lionel now. So smitten she invited him over for Thanksgiving. *Jonathan's* holiday, as Clark pointed out to her earlier that day. Wow. She's completley in love with Lionel. Just wow. Apparently being in love with Lionel turns Martha into a crazy, insensitive bitch. Luckily Clark is the sweetest boy in the world and didn't mind at all. o.O

This show sucks.

ETA. Spoilerphobes: it's not safe for you to read my Spoiler post yet.

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