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Six Feet Under

I just watched the last ever episode of Six Feet Under.

I can't even stop crying, it's ridiculous. My friends just invited me out for dinner and I was all, I'm too upset. And they were all, IT'S JUST TELEVISION.

Whatevs. If you saw it you know what it's like. You know that it's the most emotionally intense television show ever made, and the ending...  The ending is extraordinary. I'd heard from various people that the last episode was like the most amazing last episode of a show ever, so while I was watching it I was sort of waiting for it to start being amazing. And I was thinking, okay, this is really good, we're tying up loose ends, there's happiness and sadness and it *feels* like it's all coming to an end, but it's not amazing.

And then it started. The final montage, as Claire drives to New York, and they show us the futures of all the characters, and how each of them dies.

*cries again*

It was the perfect  - the only - way to end the show.

I think I'm actually mourning.

supergrover24! Now you can tell me who your massive crush was on. Ted? Because if it's him I totally get it. I love SO MUCH that Claire ended up with a guy like him, and how different he was from everyone who'd come before him, and how RIGHT he was for her.

*continues to cry*

And now to watch episode one of Battlestar Galactica season 2!!!! Which I bought the other day and which I'm very excited about. Because if I watch this season quickly, I can start dling S3 when it starts and keep up with the rest of you! WHOO!!
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