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New Clex fic!

I LOVE YOU SMALLVILLE FANDOM. Go here, to bop_radar's journal, to find out about all the amazing stuff that has been happening so far as part of Project Smallville: The Countdown.

Also, I have fic posted!

svmadelyn approached some authors a few months ago and asked us to write a short story for an online fanzine (as part of summercon), which has now been published! 

Mads explains it all here. The zine (which looks AWESOME, thanks to slodwick's site design and linzeem and fan_this's pretty, summery art design) is HERE. There are lots of stories to be read by lots of amazing writers.

My fic is Clex, natch, and the timing couldn't be better, because it's nice to have some SV fic out there during our week of celebrations.

Secret, by Kate

Feedback is adored and appreciated.  Enjoy!!
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