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SPN Screencappery for Nancy!!!


Alright. I don't do this very often because I'm not in SPN fandom and I'm not a fan of Wincest, but on the odd occasion, for certain, very special people, I throw my standards out the window and I bring you the Kate Version of Wincest.

Which is, of course, entirely idiotic.

This is for that belle of the fandom ball, the incomparable estrella30.  A special, talented, generous, truly wonderful woman who I feel privileged to call a friend. For you, Nan, I bring porny wincesty screencaptions, because I love you THAT MUCH.  Happy birthday!!!

Dean is in the hospital and he looks ropey.

"You okay, big guy? Was I too rough with you last night?"

"I barely remember last night," Dean says wistfully. "What happened?"

"Uh... we had sex." Sam tries not to feel offended.

"Really?" Dean shuts his eyes, clearly too exhausted to continue the conversation.

Unbelievable, Sam thinks. What does a brother have to do to make an impression?

Sam goes back to the hotel and waits, feeling pissy.

Oh he's home. He better be nice to Sam or else.

"Hi honey!" Dean calls out.

"Honey? You don't get to call me honey Dean. Not after your behavior at the hospital."

"Give me a break, I was high on morphine!"

"Oh. Do you want to--" Sam starts hopefully.

"Sure," Dean replies. "Let me just bend over."

Sam takes Dean from behind. "Sam?" Dean groans. "This feels weird. Would you mind sucking my cock for a while instead?"

Sam sinks to his knees and gets to work. "That's a little better," Dean says, but he doesn't sound certain.

"I'm doing my best here, Dean. You could at least try to act like you're enjoying it."

"Sam. I think something's wrong."

"But I've been practicing!" Sam says, close to tears. "I've been through three cucumbers in the past week alone!"

"It's not you, it's me," Dean explains.  Sam can't even look him in the eye. "Perhaps we should seek professional help," he whispers to his kneecap.

Sam drives them out to this place where there's this guy who helps with these kinds of problems.

"Come on," Sam orders, hauling Dean out of the car.

"But I don't want to!" Dean whines. "I'm fine!"

But Dean isn't fine, and he knows it.

"Let's get this over with," Dean says.

"What's wrong with me, Sam? Why aren't I enjoying sex anymore?"

"Also, you're not even remembering sex sometimes," Sam says.

"I'm not? That's strange."

"This guy better be good or I'm getting my money back," Dean says crazily.

"Just think positive. Let's go sit near the front."

"Why? I like it back here."

"Come on. Sam knows best."

Sam worries about Dean's nonchalance.

He's not even taking this seriously, Sam thinks bitterly.

Huh. That guy up there is blind.

What the hell can a blind man do for Dean?

Where did I put my mojo?

"Hello  Cleveland! Are you ready to ROCK?"

Ooh interesting. Dean may well be ready to rock.

Yeah baby. He is READY. To ROCK.

Up on the stage the blind guy explains how he will find Dean's mojo for him.

Then he puts a hand on Dean's head and starts chanting.

Dear God, Please let this work, Sam prays.

Suddenly Dean remembers being in the hotel room, on the bed, on his hands and knees, naked . He remembers Sam behind him, whispering filthy things right into his ear. "So fucking tight, Dean. So hot." Pumping his cock into Dean's ass, slow and easy. Then faster and harder. "Thought about this all day. I'm gonna fuck you through the bed." So good, so right, so ruthless. He remembers coming into the mattress with a wail, and Sam still behind him, on top of him, not ready to stop. Pounding in, again and again and again--

Dean passes out.

But he wakes up instantly and he feels different. Better. He needs to get the fuck out of this dump and back into the bedroom.

"Whoa. That was..."

"... really good."

"Really really good."

"Oh yeah, baby. That was good."

"You sure? 'Cause I'm positive I can do better."

"Dammit, Sam," Dean snaps. "I just told you it was really really good. What more do you want from me?"

"Nothing. Just. Well, it wouldn't hurt if you called out my name when you come, that's all."

"Sam. I can't exactly plan what I'm gonna say when I come. Be reasonable."

Meanwhile, a gruesome demon goes on the prowl.

"SUCK MY DICK," he says with an evil gravelly voice.

"Good girl."

"Meh. I've had better." So he kills her.

"What are you thinking about?" Sam asks Dean.

"The plug up my butt. It's getting kind of uncomfortable."

"Go take it out. Then I'll fuck you again."

"Again? I'm kinda beat, Sammy. Don't you ever get tired?"

"Of you? NEVER."

And then Sam took Dean back to bed and spent the whole night fucking him, and Dean remembered every detail of it the next day. And forever more.

The end.
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