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Help a girl out?

You know how there are some stories that just KILL you and that you can't read more than once because they made you cry SO MUCH the first time you read it?

Strangely, Jenn's fic, A Life More Ordinary is my experience with this. I know it's a happy story and I'm aware that maybe I cried as much as I did (like, I *balled* people; I cried myself to SLEEP) because I was, like, a bit drunk and emo or whatever, but it had SUCH an impact on me that I can't even THINK about it without getting teary. I just tried to describe it to girlmostlikely and now I'm trying not to cry because I'm at work. I've decided that when I get home I will read it again, but I'm totally scared.

Also, talking about kinks and non-kinks and stuff at porn_friday, made me realise that I've NEVER read a fic with fisting in it. O.O I've never read a fic with water sports in it neither! This is tragic, obviously. Can anyone point me in the direction of a hot fisting/golden shower fic/scene? I'd obviously rather it be Clex, but I'd MORE rather it be good quality, so any fandom will do.


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