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omg! Slashers have no artistic integrity!

You know how you sometimes follow a link on metafandom and you end up reading a rant by some total stranger who just happens to be a total fucking twat? And all you want to do is comment with a barage of insults but you don't want to sink to their level? So you go to your own journal and you insult them there?

But what disturbs me about slash is the wholesale appropriation and basic, fundamental changes that slash writers make to characters that aren't theirs.


I think of my original writing (which I actually still occasionally do), and the idea that someone might appropriate any of my characters doesn't bug me (much). It's the idea that someone would appropriate a character that I created and just completely change them to get the pretty mental picture of him or her having sex with someone else who's pretty that makes me angry. I wouldn't want it done to my characters, so I don't do it to others'. And I don't read fics that do. I'm not anti-gay. I'm pro-artistic integrity.

I just. This post is so offensive (and absurd) to me that I can't even see straight. Heh. But what is most awesome about it is that the poster gets SLAYED in the comments by a bunch of people who are much, much smarter than she is.
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