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Yet more evidence that Paris Hilton is a fucking retard: she thinks James Blunt is hot. *PUKES* They are so perfect for each other.

Last night, Edmond the Electrician came over to install the new washing machine, and he brought wine over and we got... really drunk. What the hell am I doing hanging out with Edmond the Electrician?

I think he's slightly in love with me now. Anyway, I feel like CRAP. I've been hungover for days now and I'm sick of it. I feel like bitching.

A short list of things that chap my butt:

1. Bad manners.
2. Having a hangover when it's this hot outside.
3. People who call me even though I only gave them my number out of politeness.
4. People in general.

Now you go!
Tags: real life, stupid
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