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Happy Birthday Mike! And a picspam!

It's Michael Rosenbaum's birthday today!!!

Which is a good reason for us to talk about how much we love him, right? RIGHT.

How can you *not* love this guy? He's so... full of life. So CUTE. Such a dork. So incredibly talented. So seriously sexy.

I think it’s generally accepted that Mike’s interpretation of Lex Luthor is the definitive. It’s complex and layered and omg very hot and he really is just a whole lot better than the material he's working with. Like, I think most clued in fans of SV understand that the show wouldn't be remotely as watchable without Mike. Thankfully it's something I'll never know for sure but I doubt I would have gotten into it had he not been in the cast. Because as great as the character of Lex is, it's Mike who makes him hot and loveable and interesting all at the same time. And let's not forget the amazing chemistry he has with Tommy (and everyone else).

I remember watching an episode of SV in its first season and um... really hating it. (what? I was a buffy fanatic and SV just didn't measure up) It was just SO BAD. I hated Clark, I hated Lana, I hated Pete, I hated Jonathan and Martha, I hated the writing, I hated everything about it. Except Lex. I LOVED Lex. Not as much as I love him now but still.

Mikey... there's just something about him. He's got it.

I don't know what he's thinking here but I'm sure it's PURE EVIL.

Check out that ear. Who wouldn't hit that?

Um. Any time Lex has his mouth a little bit open I get all hot and bothered. The open shirt is also a winner.

OMG! What a cute smile he has!

Is he taking off his shirt? Whilst singing? I don't even know.

Bald guys in hats please me. He looks sort of like a giant baby. (But not in a scary way, in a good way.)

Wow. When God was handing out dork, Mike was in the front of the queue.

Hot barefooted men do it for me. (Aside: I also have a thing for hot guys wearing flip flops. Wtf?)

He's the giggliest, loveliest boy ever isn't he?

Who's so comfortable with his sexuality that he wears pink in public! 

He kind of looks like he's having problems with the juggling here but I'm going to assume that he's just concentrating real hard because juggling isn't easy. Because he strikes me as the kind of guy who would be good at juggling. Please confirm this if you know.

Always nice to see Mike with stubble.

I'm actually really liking this outfit on Mike. And I dig his hair that length.

Oh yeah baby. I can't remember how you guys felt about these pics but this is possibly my favourite Mike look EVER. The hair length, the shades, the beard (?! I normally hate beards so don't ask me), the white shirt with the buttons undone. ONE MILLION POINTS. 

And I'm finishing with this one because... I dunno... It makes me feel all warm inside. He looks like such a normal guy here. A normal guy with SEXY ARMS.

Okay! Now tell me why YOU love Mike and post me your favourite Mike pics in the comments. Let's celebrate!


PS. If you chose Pirates in yesterday's poll you are WRONG. Ninjas is the answer I was looking for. NINJAS. I'm pretty mad at all of you who didn't choose ninjas and those of you who did are now in my special club for COOL PEOPLE.
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