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HOT! GO FRANCE! The meme!

It’s so hot! I am very inappropriately dressed for work, but it is not my fault, it is the SUN’S fault.
Right. Is it out of order to steal my sockpuppet’s icons? They’re all so awesome that I think I might have to. I also am planning on doing a big icon cleanout today, and only keeping the ones I *really* love. But every time I decide to do this I end up deleting about five because apparently I really love about 90 of my icons.
Oh the trials and tribulations of being a geek…
Pete and I are friends again. Man, I *suck* at holding grudges. I made it, what, two days? Then I realised that it’s much more effort to hate someone than it is to like them. It did help, I must admit, to hear from a mutual friend that Pete was utterly miserable on Friday night because of it and had “never looked so glum”. And then he made me monkfish and asparagus for lunch yesterday and everything is mostly good between us again.
alibi_factory, I feel sort of guilty about this because I totally stole this smilie off you:
I use it ALL THE TIME because I love it so much. You don’t mind though. *hypnotises you*
I’m not going to lie, I am supporting France in the World Cup now. Why? Because Titof is from France. Yes that’s right. I support France because of a PORN STAR.
Oh, and I will also do that meme that Mads started and that everyone is doing because it’s so happy-making and that’s my kind of stick. So tell me in the comments if you want me to tell you how awesome you are and how much I lurve you.
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