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Sockpuppets and Fandom Wank

I finally finished the msscribe story!

Poll inspired by jekesta and her Number One Fan notjekesta.

Who has the urge to create a bunch of sockpuppets and go NUTS?

omg me
you'd be crazy not to have that urge
*shakes head sadly*

Um. Fandom Wank.

I don't really get it but a lot of people hate this community. My fandom arch nemesis described it as a "hate community" yesterday (wtf?) and I see a lot of people talking about it like it's the spawn of the devil, I think because it's... mean?

I don't read it very often, unless it's a wank that involves something I know about, but it seems pretty simple to me: someone(s) behaves badly in fandom, FW reports it, mocking ensues. I imagine there are a lot of twats who post there and who enjoy the nastier side of it, but really. If you act like a cunt and you get called on it, I have not a whole lot of sympathy for you. Yes, maybe some people are victimised by FW, but from what I've observed, these people have plenty of their own victims. So it all evens out. Right?

Meh. I'm no expert.

I am, however, very curious to find out where my flist stands on the matter. So a second poll is in order:

Fandom Wank

An important, useful part of fandom. A reminder that behaving badly isn't tolerated. A positive thing.
An excuse to be a bitch to your fellow fans. A lion's den. A disgrace.
No opinion either way. I just find it funny.
None of the above (I'll explain in the comments).
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