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Dumped! (not really)

I amuse myself endlessly fyi. I wrote a post last night that I didn't post, because I was all angry and negative and I decided that maybe now isn't the time to be a hater. But thankfully, LJ restored the draft so I can now share it with you:


Dear Smallville,

FUCK YOU. I can't believe that there are only TWO commentaries on the S5 boxset. I hoped that was incomplete information but NO. It's true. I am pissed at everybody involved, including the actors.

Bite me,



You know, it's lucky that my boyfriends are hot, because otherwise I'd be dumping their asses right now. It's also lucky that I have many bofriends in reserve. I bet Wentworth will do some Prison Break commentaries. I bet Jared and Jenny will do some SPN commentaries. I bet THEY don't think they're too good to take an hour out of their day to talk about the show that MADE THEM FAMOUS.

They better make it up to me somehow, I swear. I think that Mike and Tom should do an interview together to talk about SV, and they should sit next to each other on a couch, really close, and make jokes and stare at each other and generally just show the world how in love they are. I also think that Tommy should work out and diet and then do a photo shoot as cool as Jensen's and without a shirt on for a lot of it. That would make me forgive them.

Tell me your ideas! What do the boys need to do to make YOU forgive them?

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