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The Fog RULES (apparently). Plus, my dream life.

Cannot. Stop. Laughing.

I'm browsing amazon to see when The Fog is getting released here, so I can buy it. SHUTUP. It's not out until the end of June, but then, randomly, I decided to have a look at the American amazon and read a few of the customer reviews and okay, my all time favourite. HEE. Is this:

Four stars
Now, I have seen the original version of "The Fog" at least 5 times and it is one of my favorite John Carpenter classics. However, I must also give the remake credit. Unlike boring remakes like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (why did they even bother), The Fog eschews the blood and guts and goes in for plot and character, much like Carpenter's original. Yep, there's some bloodletting, but there is also a gothic love story that is quite interesting. And, for once, Tom Welling (Smallville), who is totally cute, is playing his own age. Just get out the popcorn and enjoy it. The Fog is old-fashioned horror with special effects that rock.

YAY! I don't think I've read a positive review of The Fog before. I'm so delighted to discover that it's all about character and plot. DELIGHTED! *gets out popcorn*

(I love her description of Tom as "totally cute". Um YEAH. He totally is!)


Last night I got a phone call from Rehana, one of my best friends in all the world, who is going to be living here for the next four months. She arrived on Friday and I didn't even know! (Me and my friends totally suck at staying in contact. I'll go for months without speaking to them and then BAM, they turn up in London and I see them and it's like no time has passed.) Her hubby Chris has just finished directing his second feature film in NZ and they're doing the post production here. I plan to get myself invited to lots of celebrity parties where I will hopefully seduce someone rich and powerful, who will take me away from all this (my job) so I can spend all day lounging about, writing porn, watching television, and not doing any housework.

Would you be happy living a life of leisure? A lot of people say they'd get bored, but I reckon, with a limitless supply of money, I'd be FINE.


Happy birthday herohunter! Hope you have a fantabulous day babe! *KISS*

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